How to play Minecraft

How to play Minecraft Sweet and Awesome

Choose player mode and options. When first starting the game, you will need to choose if you want to play single player or multiplayer. In single player, you obviously play alone, while in multiplayer you play with other people across the Minecraft servers. If playing the free version of Minecraft Sweet and Awesome, multiplayer will not be available to you. You will also need to set the main options, which include the sound and difficulty settings, among other settings as well.

The difficulty settings determine whether or not monsters which are also known as “hostile mobs” will show up at night or underground. in Minecraft Sweet and Awesome these are specific to each world, so your difficulty settings on one world may be different to another. Peaceful (for beginners) will prevent hostile mobs from spawning, while Easy will give you a small spawn rate, and Hard will give you a massive one. The amount of attack damage given to you by each mob will differ depending on the difficulty settings too. Also, in the hard mode, Zombies, which are hostile mobs, can break down wooden doors down and kill you!

Download Minecraft Sweet and Awesome: here

If you are playing Minecraft Sweet and Awesome multiplayer, it will be unnecessary to create the world, as you can simply join someone else’s server. To find a multiplayer server, you can visit a website such as However, if you only want to play Minecraft Sweet and Awesome with a few close friends, then making your own server may be the best option.